The Watkins Firm represents clients in San Diego business litigation involving fraud and purposeful deception.  Fraud is a type of business dispute which goes far beyond a normal breach of contract or failure to perform issue.  Business fraud cases involve a transaction or relationship where there have been material false statements presented or purposeful deceit or omissions of material facts by one side which the other party relied upon in order to enter into the transaction or relationship.

Fraud is a much more difficult legal standard to prove.  The experienced business litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm have extensive experience and proven track record of success in trials relating to business disputes in San Diego.  We will thoroughly investigate and analyze your case and when necessary work with forensic accountants and other experts to uncover, document and prove our case.  Fraud exposes the defendant to extensive financial damages as well as punitive damages resulting in substantial verdicts or settlements in these cases.

There are too many potential ways for business fraud to occur to document here.  The common element between all of these cases and the establishment of fraud itself is dishonest action or lying which has led to “harm” for another party to the transaction or relationship.  Fraud can unfortunately be found in San Diego real estate business dealings, mergers and acquisitions, business partnerships including LLCs and corporations, as well as investment schemes and purported “business” opportunities.

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