The San Diego business startup attorneys at the Watkins Firm provide you with sound business advice based upon decades of business formation experience.  Our clients draw upon our expertise to select the best business entity for their venture.  We provide you with the documents and advice necessary to get you into business quickly and cost-effectively.  Did you know more than 70% of which fail in the first three years of business?  Our work together will help you to beat the odds and build a successful new businesses in California.  Our experienced San Diego business startup attorneys guide you through important decisions at each step of the business formation process.  Our general business counsel will help your company to survive and thrive in this competitive business environment.

Should you select an LLC or an S-Corporation, a C-Corporation or a California Professional Corporation (PC)?  This decision is based upon the type of business you intend to start and your long term growth plans.  Will you do business across state lines?  Across international borders?  Will you have employees?  How many partners, members or primary shareholders will there be as you start your company?  How will you bring in new investment to provide your company with the necessary capital to expand and grow?

Download sites provide a boilerplate – then attempt to sell you services to help you complete the process.  Our new business package begins with a boilerplate as well.  This saves you a substantial amount of money (when compared to writing corporate documents from scratch).  Did you know there are more than 150 clauses which we review with our new San Diego business startup clients?  We provide you with legal insight backed by practical business experience to inform each decision as we work with you to bring your company to life.  These decisions lay the foundation for your new company.  Our corporate documents will guide all aspects of your company moving forward.  How will company decisions and votes work and how will profits be disbursed?  How much of the company’s income will be re-invested into the business?

The San Diego business startup attorneys at the Watkins Firm are ready to help you through this exciting process.  We guide you through the decisions which will form your company while helping you to beat the odds and build a successful business.  Ready to get started?  We invite you contact us or call us today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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