What are the benefits of corporate housekeeping or corporate governance and compliance and how can the San Diego corporate law attorneys at the Watkins Firm help your corporation or LLC to remain compliant?

As deal makers, we are in the business of figuring out how to get business transactions across the finish line in the face of ‘deal breakers.’  We also represent individuals and companies who are forming new businesses, and require assistance in properly structuring their new entities (and avoiding legal pitfalls) from inception.   It is a privilege to be able to form a relationship with any start-up company, and amazing to assist with the growth and development of such young companies over time.

For corporate attorneys, doing deal work is an exciting process.  Each deal has its own life, and is fascinating as we get to know new companies, industries and, most importantly, people.  At the end of the day, we really are corporate housekeepers.

Once a company is formed, there are many small details which must be regularly managed to protect the corporate veil and reduce exposure to expensive litigation or regulatory violations.  The Watkins Firm will review your corporate filings and documents to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws.  We help to keep your corporate documents, bylaws, shareholder agreements and/or operating agreements up to date and in agreement with one another.

We also work with corporate boards, executives and management to bring them up to speed on new developments in Federal and California corporate law as well as best employment practices.  We work with our clients to ensure a strategy is in place to effectively train and monitor all employees of your company to ensure they are conducting themselves in a legal and ethical manner.

The benefits of corporate housekeeping may seem like small issues compared to other corporate objectives.  However, remaining focused on corporate compliance keeps the company running in an optimal manner for a minimum cost while reducing exposure.

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