The Watkins Firm provides San Diego employer wage and hour hearing & litigation defense to protect our clients from employee related investigations and lawsuits.  The number of employee related wage and hour lawsuits has exponentially increased each year for the past three years here in southern California.  Employment laws continue to change and it is important for San Diego employers to remain informed and in compliance with all federal, state and local employment laws and regulatory requirements.

There are many types of wage and hour related disputes which arise over the course of employment.  Allegations of unpaid overtime is a plaintiff’s favorite in recent years.  The typical case involves a former employee who alleges a culture of “night and weekend work expectations.”  They provide records documenting cell phone use, e-mails and other activities they performed at night or on the weekend and demand payment of back wages as well as other penalties and costs.

Other wage and hour disputes involve minimum hourly compensation in straight commission environments, minimum wage violations, issues with breaks and meals, and disputes involving tips or bonuses.  The California Fair Pay Act places additional burdens on San Diego employers regarding compensation across groups of employees who do similar work.

The San Diego employer wage and hour hearing & litigation defense team at the Watkins Firm only represents employers and business owners.  We represent our clients at “informal” California Labor Commission hearings and conferences (and there is nothing “informal” about them).  We aggressively and effectively defend our clients at these hearings and in disputes and litigation relating their employees.

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