The San Diego employment contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm protect area employers from employee related disputes and litigation.  San Diego employers must keep abreast of the significant changes in employment laws and regulations in 2019.  One of the most important steps an employer can take is to update the employment contract itself.  The employment contract clearly establishes the relationship between an employer and their workers.  It should further establish specific guidelines, performance metrics, policies and procedures that anticipate potential disputes and disarm them before they ever begin.

One example is unpaid overtime.  There has been a sharp increase in unpaid overtime litigation here in San Diego and throughout California.  The employment contract should clearly establish how and when overtime can be earned and the calculation for how it will be paid.  The employment contract itself should clearly establish the employer’s requirement of prior written authorization by the worker’s supervisor prior to the performance of overtime work.  This should be further expanded within the employee handbook, as well as all policy and procedure guidelines and management policies.

The San Diego employment contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm also ensure that there are clear processes established for performance evaluation, discipline and ultimately dismissal.  Unfortunately, some employees abuse FMLA policies and other employment guidelines in an effort to sidestep or minimize disciplinary actions and options.  A well crafted employment contract supported by consistently developed employee handbooks, policies, procedures and HR documentation can establish a foundation for how all employment matters are handled.  The manner with which employee-related issues are managed, documented and resolved can provide a solid defense for area employers.

Most employee related disputes and associated litigation can be prevented before issues have an opportunity to arise.  We invite you to contact us or call today for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.  We will discuss an engagement that will review existing employment contracts and documentation, and add the protections San Diego employers will need for 2016 and beyond.

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