The strength of your employment contracts and policies affect business profitability for any San Diego company.  The goal of our work in this area is simple: allow our clients to stay focused on profitable business transactions and growth planning.

Employment disputes are a distraction — an expensive distraction!  They not only take the focus of the ownership off of the primary business objective(s), they tend to expand within the organization itself creating internal unrest and challenges that directly impact productivity and profitability.

We develop employment contracts that protect your sensitive corporate information and trade secrets, and prohibit employees from taking your own property and clients in order to compete against you.  We also keep you up to date on all legal regulations and employment requirements to prevent compliance and wage and hour issues.

San Diego employment contracts and policies affect business profitability at many points.  The structure of effective employment agreements, policies and procedures and a well crafted employee handbook help to establish clear expectations for employee performance and attitude.  They also provide the foundation for managing employees who are struggling to meet important goals or metrics.

These employment strategies help San Diego employers to avoid expensive and time consuming business litigation due to wage and hour disputes, unpaid overtime and other labor related issues.  One complaint to a federal or California labor agency can result in an “informal hearing” which is anything but informal and designed for one purpose: generate tax revenue at the expense of your company’s bottom line.

You’re a business professional – focused on expanding the effectiveness of your company and growing the business you’ve poured your time, energy and money into.  We help to handle the contract and documentation side of things so that your business can thrive.  We invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 to learn more.

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