San Diego Science and technology companies require legal skill and protection in this quickly changing market.

High tech science and technology firms in San Diego face rapidly developing legal challenges and disputes.  From a legal perspective, the science and technology sector is all about preserving and protecting trade secrets, intellectual property and patents, while monitoring changes and developments relating to technological and software products and services as well as the internet.

By their very nature, scientific ideas and inventions can expose a developing company or corporation to liabilities and disputes, and your legal partner needs the experience and expertise to respond quickly and successfully resolve any dispute that might arise.

Inventions and intellectual property must be protected.  New technologies and scientific developments often lead to licensing and/or distribution agreements which allow your company to expand into new vertical or geographical markets.

The Watkins Firm has extensive experience in businesses associated with science and technology.  We have served the San Diego business community for decades.  We will help to protect your inventions and intellectual property.  We will monitor existing trademarks, copyrights and patents to protect against infringement.  We aggressively defend our clients when these protections are abused or violated.

Our experienced business attorneys carefully craft agreements which protect your company’s creative work and intellectual property while developing opportunities for your products and innovation to be incorporated into business applications across the world.  We are proven business dispute resolution and trial attorneys who take a unique approach to disputes which is designed to resolve them quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  We are a single source legal provider for the science and technology industry.

Creation and innovation are challenging processes, and the competitive nature of developing sciences and the competitive landscape is only matched by the regulation and compliance requirements of federal, state and local agencies.  San Diego Science and technology companies require legal skill and protection in this quickly changing market.  If you own or manage a science or technology company and need to protect original ideas and inventions or resolve potential disputes we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511 to learn more.

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