Are you in a serious argument with your business partner?  Is there a member of your LLC who isn’t carrying their weight?  Is one of the partners in your partnership behind on capital contributions?  Do you think you might need to bring in another investor or associate?  Do you suspect your business partner of theft or commingling of funds or assets?

These are serious issues which often develop between partners in any business venture.  You may feel one of your business associates simply isn’t pulling their weight.  Partnership disputes and disputes between members in an LLC can make the work environment around your company quite toxic.  In addition, many business partners were close friends or family members long before they started their company or partnership.  A dispute may spill over into social relationships which affect the family or a large group of friends.

The experienced business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand all of the nuances associated with business partnerships and the complex issues which exist just under the surface.   In many cases the problem is actually success!  The business has been successful, and has grown past the experience and capability of one of its founding members or partners.  It may be necessary to bring in outside expertise or another principle to guide the business through the next phase of its growth.

Are you concerned about a serious argument with your business partner and how it might affect your company?  The Watkins Firm takes a unique approach to resolving business disputes which is designed to resolve these arguments quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  Most partnership and LLC related disputes are resolved through effective and leveraged negotiation.  Our skilled attorneys work to establish a good working relationship and common ground.  We help to draw the other party into constructive negotiations and to identify root problems and challenges so they can be resolved.

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