Successfully settling a San Diego breach of contract dispute requires experience, legal skill and effective leverage.  Most breach of contract cases are resolved through negotiation.  The skilled breach of contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm take a unique approach to disputes which is designed to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively while accomplishing our client’s objectives.

It is not usually in the interest of either party for a breach of contract dispute to be placed before a San Diego Court.  The process itself can take more than a year, and the realities of business need, contingent liability and expense usually preclude this legal option.  Watkins Firm attorneys have decades of experience successfully resolving these disputes.  Breach of contract cases are often the result of an unforeseen complication, market development, illness or other labor challenge or unclear contractual terms and expectations.

Our attorneys work to quickly and accurately assess the potential damages associated with the breach.  Each party in a breach of contract dispute has legal obligations under the law.  The party who is responsible for the breach is exposed to the damages associated with the failure to deliver the “benefit of the bargain” anticipated in the underlying contract.  They are also responsible for any additional expenses and costs associated with finding another vendor or contract partner to deliver upon the original promises.

The party who is the victim of the breach also has an obligation to take swift, prudent and reasonable action to reduce the impact of the breach.  This is known as “mitigating the damages” and the failure to take action can limit or remove all legal recourse associated with the breach.

Settling a San Diego breach of contract dispute often requires the negotiation of a modification to the original agreement, often referred to as a “work around.”  Watkins Firm attorneys work to quickly resolve the underlying issues, find common ground and negotiate a resolution which allows the parties to complete their contractual obligations while providing just compensation for the original breach when necessary.

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