San Diego shareholder disputes are often due to shareholder oppression and other tactics designed to intimidate or freeze out minority shareholders.  The experienced shareholders rights attorneys at the Watkins Firm have represented San Diego shareholders for decades.  We help to resolve all disputes regarding minority shareholders and their access to corporate information, shareholder information as well as the books and accounts of the corporation.

Minority shareholders have specific rights in California.  It may surprise you to learn shareholder disputes are often due to shareholder oppression tactics, where the majority shareholders or directors of the corporation are making decisions which are in their own interests, but not necessarily the best interests of the corporation or minority shareholders.  When minority interests attempt to assert their rights to inspect and copy the list of shareholders of the corporation, to review corporate minutes or to inspect and copy the books and supporting accounting they are often faced with a brick wall.  The “freeze out” uses various shareholder oppression tactics to make the situation so difficult that the minority shareholders consider selling their position to majority interests.

The Watkins Firm stands up to this illegal and manipulative behavior.  Minority shareholders have powerful legal options which can and will influence the outcome of the situation.  Our attorneys ensure the legal rights of minority shareholders are protected and they receive access to corporate information.   We write effective demand letters which put majority interests and corporate executives on notice while communicating the specific actions and outcomes our clients expect to experience.  Our unique approach to shareholder disputes ensures they are resolved quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

We invite you to read the reviews of our customers and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 to learn more about the strategies available to minority shareholders.  San Diego shareholder disputes are often due to shareholder oppression but the experienced legal team at the Watkins Firm will aggressively protect your interests while providing sound legal advice and counsel.

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