Are you starting a new company in 2017 in the San Diego area?  What is the best structure for your new company, and why is it important to reach out to the attorneys at the Watkins Firm for a free consult at 858-535-1511?

What is the best business entity for your new company?  Should you select an Limited Liability Corporation or LLC?  Would an S-Corporation or C-Corporation be the better choice based upon your income or how you will conduct your business?  Will your company be comprised of professionals or healthcare practitioners?  Should you consider a California Professional Corporation?  How will taxation or regulatory requirements affect your choices?

Starting a new company in 2017 is much more than simply downloading boilerplate forms and paying a fee to register your company here in California.  California laws are unique and favor the minority position unless you specifically address these issues within the corporate documents themselves.  Most download sites do not develop business succession plans or include an effective operating agreement.  What happens if one of the parties passes away or becomes seriously injured or incapacitated in the future?  What is the best way to protect your company from the spouse or heirs of a co-owner who attempt to step in during an illness or if another ownership interest passes away?  How will business ownership interests be valued in the event of a personal life issue such as a divorce or bankruptcy?  How will new investment be brought into your company?

The business formation attorneys at the Watkins Firm meet with you to discuss your new venture.  We review dozens of aspects of your how you will do business and the legal clauses and structures within your corporate documents.  We discuss each option with you and any partners or co-owners so that your company can be tailored to your unique aspirations and requirements.

Starting a new company in 2017 isn’t as simple as downloading a few forms.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 to learn about our start-up services and the value of the business coaching and insight our experienced business attorneys can provide to help get your business off to a strong and secure start.


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