What are the proven steps to contract dispute resolution in San Diego and how can you accomplish your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner?  This question forms the basis for the Watkins Firm’s unique strategy for resolution of business and individual contract disputesOur approach to these challenges is based upon decades of experience resolving business and interpersonal disputes throughout the San Diego region.  Our success and proven track record at trial provides incentive to opposing parties and their counsel to eliminate the posturing and work on a productive solution.  They know we are prepared to take our case to trial from the outset.  They know we have a very high percentage of winning our cases at trial.  They are also aware of the extended time frame and costs associated with protracted litigation.  In a small percentage of our cases this is the only way to accomplish our client’s goals.

The effective business contract attorneys at Watkins Firm carefully craft our own contracts to eliminate vague or obtuse language to ensure there is no room for dispute.  We anticipate every foreseeable challenge which might arise, and address it within the contract.  This eliminates most disputes before they ever arise.

We resolve most of our business to business disputes and contract disputes with effective, leveraged negotiation.  The key to any business litigation is damages.  The financial damages provide the leverage needed to capture the immediate attention of the other parties and open productive, focused negotiations focused upon finding common ground and negotiating a “work-around” or other solution.  This resolves a dispute in the most cost-efficient and timely manner.

When negotiations do not resolve every aspect of a dispute, mediation or arbitration may be required.  It is important to have experienced, effective legal representation in these venues.  While mediation is much less “structured” than mediation our attorneys help to advise our clients and influence the process to obtain a favorable outcome.  Arbitration is a much stricter legal environment and the ruling of the arbitrator is almost always permanent and not open to appeal.  Our experienced attorneys know the proven steps to contract dispute resolution in San Diego and how to help you accomplish your goals quickly and cost-effectively.

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