The Watkins Firm provides sound general business counsel and strategies to move your corporation forward in the the new year.  Where are you in your business life?  What are the steps to take to avoid setbacks and increase the quality of your transactions and personnel while opening new markets and opportunity in 2020?  Business contracts are the foundation of any successful business.

Many of your competitors have downloaded “form” contracts from “legal” sites and modified them in an attempt to save money.  The fact is the quality of your business contracts will determine the success of your transactions and crucial business relationships.  A well crafted business contract guides the parties smoothly through the process to a successful conclusion.  Avoiding business disputes and litigation and completing successful supply, sales and service relationships is the key to anchoring existing business relationships and profitability in 2020.

How can you open new markets and opportunity?  Look for opportunities to purchase assets or acquire portions of larger companies which might not fit into their long-term strategic plans or competitors who may be struggling.  A stock purchase or asset purchase can provide rapid growth and valuable resources upon which to build and sustain growth and profitability.  What are the unique work products of your business?  Have you developed a specific process or idea which generates consistent opportunity?  Do you have software, videos, marketing materials or other intellectual property which could be leveraged by others to reach new markets of their own?  Registering and protecting intellectual property and creating opportunities for licensing or distribution allows others to extend your reach into new markets while protecting the corporate properties and assets you’ve worked so hard to create.

Finally, the experienced business attorneys at the Watkins Firm provide guidance and counsel regarding governance and compliance.  Protecting the corporate veil, ensuring all corporate meetings and filings are fulfilled while establishing the culture and operational and ethical guidelines for your personnel positions your company to respond to opportunity and win.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation to learn how the Watkins Firm can help to provide insight and strategies to move your corporation forward in the the new year and support the growth and profitability of your company in 2020.

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