Structuring mergers and acquisitions in San Diego is quite legally complex and requires extensive legal skill, experience and due diligence.  Mergers and acquisitions isn’t some fancy term for large corporations and Wall Street transactions.  Most San Diego businesses, LLCs, partnerships, corporations and healthcare businesses will conduct an asset purchase or stock purchase at some point in their business life.  Businesses grow and change.  Opportunities present themselves, and you need to be ready to take quick action in order to seize the initiative.

However, the failure to properly structure an asset purchase contract or a stock purchase agreement can open you and your business up to significant contingent liability and lawsuits.

If you intend to acquire the assets of another business or competitor you must ensure the transaction provides clean title for each asset, and that each asset to be purchased is free and clear of any financing, and has not been pledged as collateral or attached by another creditor.  If the asset(s) to be acquired have existing liens or financing the contracts must be carefully crafted to ensure these liabilities are released and you are receiving exactly the asset you wish to acquire, in the condition you are anticipating.

Stock purchase transactions require extensive due diligence.  When purchasing another entity the attorneys at the Watkins Firm will help to ensure all aspects of verification and due diligence are completed and your position in the deal is as protected and secure as possible.  We work to reduce or eliminate future contingent liabilities and facilitate your objectives for the transaction.

The experienced San Diego business attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience structuring mergers and acquisitions in San Diego and across Southern California.  We represent our client’s best interests throughout the transaction.  Our lawyers understand the business nuances associated with these transactions and the importance of fostering and supporting a positive working environment and an attitude of success at it relates to the pending transaction.  Contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation today.


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