Pay close attention to the corporate documents when forming a new company.  The operating agreement, shareholder’s agreement and other important corporate documents including the by-laws contain important clauses that can make or break your new company.  Why are these documents so important?  Why is it so important to work with experienced San Diego business formation attorneys, even if you’re starting a small business or LLC?

Crucial decisions must be made regarding the relationship of the owners of the LLC, S-Corporation or C-Corporation, voting rights, the distribution of income and profits and ultimately how day-to-day decisions will be made.  What most new business owners don’t value is the high likelihood that a dispute will develop down the road between members or shareholders, and the strength of the operating agreement or shareholder’s agreement can limit or eliminate this risk and the tens of thousands of dollars that must be spent to resolve them.

After decades of serving the business community here in San Diego I can tell you the time and modest investment you invest in hiring the Watkins Firm to create your new business entity will return to you hundreds of times over, often in a relatively short period of time.  The biggest mistake new business owners make is to attempt to download forms from some legal site or modify something they’ve found online.

Legal sites argue the “boilerplate” they provide fits all applications and saves hundreds of dollars.  The reality is the Watkins Firm begins with a “boilerplate” system for new business formation, however there are more than 130 individual decisions which must be made to tailor these documents to you and your company.  We guide our clients through each decision and provide insight based upon decades of experience with thousands of clients.  We help you to understand the risks associated with each option, and how to tailor these documents to empower your company to come out strong, grow and prosper.

We help you to understand every issue contained within the corporate documents when forming a new company and to make sound decisions that protect your new business now and in the future.  We invite you to contact us or call today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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