Gratitude is a central value of our practice, and we have enjoyed serving San Diego businesses, medical and healthcare practices and commercial and residential real estate professionals for the past several decades.  2022 looks to be a prosperous new year that will continue to see rebounding growth across most business sectors, as well as continued development and appreciation within the local and regional commercial real estate markets.  Strategic planning and business planning is an important ingredient in the success of any business, and the turn of a new year is a natural time for professionals to think about goals for the coming year.

The benefit of serving thousands of San Diego businesses over the past several decades, is the experience we have gained while supporting our clients through formation, growth, disputes, litigation, acquisition and ultimately the sale of stock or assets.  We know the ingredients of successful business strategies and the pitfalls to avoid.  Our clients appreciate not only the quality of our legal work, but the value of our business and professional advice.  Our goal is to help make 2022 a happy and prosperous new year for all of our clients, and for your company or organization as well.

Are you searching for a business advisor or legal partner who will actually work to improve your company’s performance in the months and years to come?  Are you looking for a business partner who can help you to take your company or business to the next level in 2022?

For over 40 years, the business, healthcare and real estate attorneys at the Watkins Firm have contributed sound counsel and legal services to support our client’s objectives while protecting their business and financial interests.  We most enjoy the success of our clients and how they have persevered through one of the most challenging business climates in history.  There is more work to be done.

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service and wish you all a happy and prosperous new year in 2022.

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