Has your business been the target of unfair competition allegations in San Diego or is one of your competitors acting in a deceptive manner?  Has a former employee taken trade secrets and inside information from your company and used it against you?  California has strict unfair competition laws to prevent a competitor or group of competitors from reducing the market-driven economies of the San Diego and California marketplace.  If there is an attempt to low-ball or price fix, this may be an illegal practice.

The experienced business litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm help clients to go pursue unfair competition allegations in San Diego against their competitors and defend allegations against their own business.  We represent either party in an unfair competition case as we believe in a fair and balanced business market here in San Diego and Southern California.  One example is unfair or deceptive advertising on the part of solar panel providers and installers.

Another example might include an electronics salesperson who takes account lists and contact information from his former employer to use against them at a new employer.  A third example would be a former business partner attempting to control a URL or web address, or to control email systems or phone numbers.

California unfair competition laws are quite severe.  Civil penalties for unfair competition are $2,500 for each incidence.  If a deceptive advertisement was placed 100 times, the resulting civil fine alone would be $250,000.  In addition, California law requires the Court to consider the following:

  • The nature and seriousness of the misconduct
  • The number of violations
  • The persistence of the misconduct
  • The length of time associated with the unfair competitive practices
  • The willfulness of the defendant’s actions
  • The defendants assets, liabilities and net worth

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