Are you looking for experienced attorneys who can mount a successful wage and hour lawsuit defense in San Diego and Southern California?  The Watkins Firm has successfully resolved wage and hour lawsuits for San Diego employers for decades.  We take a unique approach to employee disputes and lawsuits which is designed to resolve these challenges quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

The key to wage and hour lawsuit defense in San Diego and Southern California is a strong internal corporate process.  We can help to put a stop to wage and hour litigation before it ever arises.  We work with our clients to develop strong contracts and employment agreements as well as the policies and procedures and employee handbooks which will guide your company’s relationship with its workforce.  We help to train your management team to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and adherence to the process which enhance operations while protecting your organization from potential liabilities.

It is important to engage us in the process as early as possible.  When an employee related dispute arises you need sound counsel to help to prevent it from reaching the level of a complaint to a federal or state agency or fodder for a plaintiff’s lawsuit.  When a dispute arises our experience attorneys mount a vigorous wage and hour lawsuit defense in San Diego to minimize your exposure and resolve the issue expediently.

We represent clients in hearings and conferences before federal and state agencies.  It is not in a business owner’s best interest to appear before the California Labor Board or any other agency without legal representation and sound counsel.  These venues are a “trap” for unsuspecting business owners.  They are designed to quickly identify and prove issues associated with your understanding and implementation of all laws and move you towards writing a substantial check.

The attorneys at the Watkins Firm mount an aggressive wage and hour lawsuit defense in San Diego and Southern California.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 to learn more about how we can help to protect you as an employer and resolve employee related disputes and lawsuits.

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