What should you do when a vendor has breached a contract?  What actions are you required to take by law to protect your financial position so that you can recover any resulting losses?  Is a lawsuit the best strategy to resolve the breach of contract?  The experienced contract and dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm will guide you through this challenge step-by-step.  The first action you should take is to contact the Watkins Firm for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.  The first thing you must do when a vendor has breached a contract is take immediate, prudent steps to mitigate the damages, so that you may recover your losses down the road.  California law requires the party who has been harmed by the breach of contract to take reasonable and timely action to decrease the impact of the breach upon their own business and to “mitigate” the potential losses that might result.

We file business lawsuits when it serves our client’s interests.  This can often help to get a stalled process moving forward.  We guide our clients on the actions to take and help to immediately document these actions, the facts surrounding the dispute and the resulting impact upon our client’s business.  If a vendor has breached a contract we quickly discover why, and work diligently to negotiate a resolution that meets our clients objectives while preserving the maximum benefit intended by the original agreement.  Business litigation is all about the damages.  The Watkins Firm works to establish a constructive atmosphere for leveraged negotiations.  We have the strength of the facts and the damages on our side, and our effective negotiators use that to engage the other party and drive the conversation to a productive settlement.

Mediation and arbitration are separate legal venues that provide a less expensive and more timely resolution to protracted disputes.  The Watkins Firm is uniquely positioned to represent you at each phase of the process, from negotiation, through mediation and arbitration.  When necessary, we represent our clients before the Court and seek appropriate financial damages on behalf of clients who have suffered losses when a vendor has breached a contract. Contact the Watkins Firm today or call for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.

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