What are considered to be unfair competition practices in San Diego and across California?  California has particularly strict laws protecting the business environment here in San Diego and across the state from “Unfair Competition” from former employees and business competitors.  What types of practices can constitute unfair competition?

This can result from employees who leave and take confidential trade secrets or customer information to competitors, or who try to use this information to start their own businesses.  Former partners may separate and try to take control of corporate assets such as websites, business listings, public advertisements, or P.O. boxes.

In many cases, what is considered to be unfair competition practices in San Diego and across California can also relate to how a business competes within a given marketplace outside of normal accepted competitive business practices.  For example, a recent unfair competition case against Uber was filed by the district attorneys for Los Angeles and San Francisco.  In this case, the plaintiffs argued Uber had violated California’s unfair competition laws by misleading and overcharging their customers.

Another unfair competition case presently in our courts could literally impact millions of Americans.  Two individuals are suing Apple based upon allegations of false or misleading advertisement regarding the storage available on their devices.  The suit alleges the large footprint of present IOS operating environments consumes a large portion of the advertised capacity.

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