Do you have a business coach?  Do you have an experienced business counselor who you can turn to for advice about how to protect your business or expand to new markets?  What is a general business counsel in San Diego and why should you consider the Watkins Firm?  Business clients retain the Watkins Firm as general business counsel in San Diego to handle all legal matters and advise on business operations and critical decisions.  Our clients value general business counsel services as we have helped thousands of area businesses to avoid the pitfalls that endanger most start-ups and ultimately grow and thrive.

As a general business counsel in San Diego we handle everything from contract preparation and review to commercial lease negotiations.  We manage all internal and external disputes such as disputes between the owners of the company or shareholder disputes, employee lawsuits and external business to business lawsuits and litigation.  Our unique approach to the management of disputes and lawsuits is specifically tailored to resolve them in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost-effective manner while accomplishing our client’s goals and objectives.  Most disputes, internal and external, are resolved through constructive, leveraged negotiation.  Our skilled attorneys gain the leverage necessary to resolve disputes and breach of contract cases by developing work-arounds or other negotiated solutions.  This saves our clients substantial time and money.

As a general business counsel in San Diego we are like your own personal business coach.  Every professional athlete has a coach.  Every successful business person has a coach or mentor.  We serve in that role for our clients based upon multiple decades of experience and expertise as small business people here in San Diego.  We have literally helped thousands of businesses over our decades of service, and this experience informs the counsel we provide to you.

Learn how to avoid problems and disputes that consume valuable company resources and time.  Learn how to grow and expand your business and take advantage of opportunity.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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