What is business law in the context of a San Diego business or corporation?  How can the business law attorneys at the Watkins Firm help your company to survive and prosper?

Business law relates to any legal aspect concerning business or corporate formation and operation, as well as the associated contracts.  It also encompasses areas of dispute and business related litigation and arbitration.  The Watkins firm has served San Diego businesses and owners for several decades, extending services to thousands of area business and healthcare related interests.  Our business law offering provides services across the life of a business including:

Business law in the context of a San Diego business or corporation involves sound business counsel and legal services based upon experience and expertise serving companies just like yours.  It doesn’t matter where you are in the life of your business.  We can provide sound counsel and help to protect and grow your company.

The selection of the right entity is the first step in business.  Your next steps include well crafted business contracts which will structure and facilitate relationships with customers, suppliers and even employees.  We help you to fulfill all legal and regulatory obligations as a San Diego employer.  We provide sound counsel and strategies which prevent employee issues and litigation such as wage and hour disputes before they ever arise.  We help you to acquire the assets of another business or the stock of the company itself.  Ultimately, when and if the time comes we help  you to successfully prepare your business for sale and work through the buy / sell agreement to complete the sale of your interests while positioning yourself for the next opportunity.

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