What is mediation and how do San Diego Courts view it during business litigation?  Many forms of San Diego business disputes and other legal issues can be resolved by mediation.  The Courts in San Diego and throughout California will strongly encourage if not require opposing parties to meet to work together to find a solution to avoid expensive and time consuming business litigation and trials within the Court itself.

In a mediation, an independent third party, the mediator,  works with the parties to establish communications and a productive environment for exchanging points of view.  The goal of mediation is to ultimately lay the groundwork for resolving the issues and settling the dispute.

Businesses and their counsel are not bound by the mediator, and the purpose of the mediator is not to “decide” the outcome of the dispute.  The mediator is someone with deep experience in the core issues of the dispute, with the expertise and skills necessary to help the parties to work together to resolve some or all of the issues where there may be disagreement.  Mediation provides an environment that can be productive the resolution of the dispute at hand, while leaving control of the outcome in the hands of the parties themselves.

The business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm take a unique approach which is designed to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively.  Mediation is one of the core strategies for resolving business disputes.  It is important to seek the representation of the Watkins Firm for any mediation, arbitration or ultimately litigation.  We are able to provide sound counsel throughout the proceedings.  We work to help you to assert your influence over the process in order to ultimately resolve the matter in a way which reflects your own goals and objectives for the dispute.

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