What is the Most Efficient Way to Resolve a Business Dispute or lawsuit in San Diego?  Litigation, disputes and lawsuits are most often resolved through skilled leveraged negotiation.  The Watkins Firm business dispute resolution attorneys have decades of experience in these matters.  We understand that our clients want disputes resolved quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  We take a unique approach that is designed to accomplish these objectives while protecting our client’s desired outcome for the dispute itself.

Negotiation is always the first step.  We work to quickly and accurately assess the financial damages associated with any business dispute.  The damages provide effective leverage to capture the attention of opposing parties and bring them to the negotiating table.  We take a constructive tone that is designed to establish common ground and quickly identify potential resolutions that will accomplish our client’s goals.  This is usually the fastest and most economical path to resolve a business dispute.

The most efficient way to resolve a business dispute may require mediation.  When the subject of the dispute is deeply entrenched, principled or other parties are unreasonably argumentative (usually in defense of a poor negotiating position) we may elect to seek mediation.  Mediation involves a neutral third party who works with the parties and their attorneys to identify the core issues of the dispute, establish multiple options to resolve these disputes and ultimately seek an agreed upon settlement or resolution to the dispute.  The ruling of the mediator is not binding, however this constructive venue provides the calming and professional input of a trained third party (the mediator) who guides the process in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

When necessary our attorneys represent clients in arbitration and ultimately through litigation and a trial before a San Diego Court.  It is our ability, or proven trial success and our reputation as effective counsel that adds strength and power to your side of the dispute, ultimately resolving the problem as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.  If you are involved in a business dispute we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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