When do the actions of your insurance company rise to the level of bad faith and what can you do to protect yourself?  What is insurance bad faith?  Are you covered under the policy for what has happened?

Most insurance companies start with a very low offer to compensate insured parties who have suffered losses under a valid insurance policy.  Insurance companies in California are required by law to act in good faith when dealing with insurance claims and must pay a just and fair settlement when an insured customer suffers losses under a policy.  Unfortunately, many insurance adjusters and representatives are directly compensated to reduce or eliminate claims payments.  Some will attempt to convince the insured that their losses are not covered by the policy itself.  In other cases, they may simply take questionable actions to avoid paying a valid claim.  These could be actions of bad faith.

The experienced insurance coverage attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help you to stand up to your insurance company.  We work to make sure you are fairly and fully compensated.  We review insurance policy coverages based upon the unique circumstances associated with your claim to evaluate whether or not the policy does in fact cover you.  Many insurance companies who are defending an insured customer in a lawsuit will send them a “Reservation of Rights” letter, telling the insured the Insurance Company has serious concerns about part or all of the coverages associated with the claim itself.

In addition, the attorneys representing the insurance company (and you) in a lawsuit owe their first legal allegiance to the policy itself.  This is not in your best interests.  Fortunately California law provides you with the ability to seek your own independent counsel known as a Cumis Counsel.  The Watkins Firm attorneys have broad experience and expertise in litigation defense and a strong track record of success.  We can represent you as your Cumis Counsel, and your insurance company is the one who would pay our costs.

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