You can work through a San Diego breach of contract and still achieve the benefit of the bargain you originally anticipated.  Just because one of the parties is unable to deliver under the original terms of the agreement doesn’t necessarily mean a long, expensive court battle must follow.  It may seem like the transaction is in flames, but there is usually a viable solution which will work for all parties.  The experienced breach of contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help to resolve disputes and issues, develop a “work around” and help you to complete a successful transaction or complete the terms of the contract.

Resolution of a breach of contract may result in something which is a bit different than what was specified in the original agreement.  However, it is often in the best interest of the parties to simply acknowledge the facts of the situation and work to find a resolution which resolves the breach or provides a new path to completion.  When a breach of contract occurs, the party who may be harmed must take timely, prudent and reasonable steps to mitigate the damages which might arise from the breach.  The failure to do so can substantially reduce or eliminate their ability to recover damages down the road.

What mitigation actions should be taken?  What are the core issues surrounding the breach of contract?  What are the potential alternatives and associated compensation required for the parties to have the time or ability to complete the contract?  What are the risks for each party associated with the breach of contract and how can the Watkins Firm help you to protect your position while pursuing a resolution?

A breach of contract doesn’t have to result in scorched earth.  You can work through a San Diego breach of contract and the Watkins Firm will help you to accomplish your goals while facilitating an effective result.

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