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The Failure to Pay Is a Breach of Contract - Resolve the Dispute EfficientlyWhat happens when the buyer doesn’t come through, and there is a failure to pay for contracted goods or services?  The fastest and least expensive alternative to resolve a business dispute such as failure to pay or a breach of contract is negotiation.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience in San Diego business disputes and lawsuits.  We will work to understand your objectives and goals for the situation, and maintain an effective and constructive working relationships with all parties to help facilitate a solution.

The first and most effective option is negotiation.  It may surprise you to learn the Watkins Firm has more than 40 years of experience in these cases and we are able to resolve the majority of our breach of contract disputes through effective, leveraged negotiation.  This is the fastest and least expensive strategy to resolve any breach of contract matter.

What was the reason for the breach of contract or the failure to pay, and what steps is the other party willing to take to resolve the situation promptly?  Filing a breach of contract lawsuit preserves all options downstream, and communicates the seriousness of the situation and our intent to see it through.  Strong business contracts usually provide for mediation or arbitration, and that step usually follows negotiation.  When all else fails, the dispute will be heard in open Court, and when it is successful the Judge issues a civil judgment, resolving all issues and establishing appropriate remedies based on “damages.”

Failure to Pay for Goods and Services

Business contracts that govern the exchange of goods and services are rooted in the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC.  UCC guidelines establish that a seller who is not paid for contracted goods and services may recover the price of those goods or services, as well as reasonable “damages” that result due to the buyer’s failure to pay.  The seller has a responsibility to “mitigate” their losses, and if an opportunity to re-sell the goods or services arises the seller may do so.  However, even if full payment is received for those goods or services, the seller is still entitled to reasonable damages for the failure of the buyer to complete the transaction and pay under the terms of the original agreement.

The calculation of damages is often hotly disputed, and the law clearly establishes those costs that are reasonable, and those which are uncollectable such as lost opportunity cost in some transactions.  You cannot force a party to comply with the terms of the contract (unless it involves real estate), and the result is a financial order based upon the costs involved as well as appropriate and relevant damages.

Filing a Breach of Contract Lawsuit to Gain Control

Are You the Victim of a Breach of Contract in San Diego - DamagesOnce a breach of contract has occurred the attorneys at the Watkins Firm advise our clients of all options available to them, as well as the time frame for resolution and the costs associated with each option.  One immediate strategy is to file the breach of contract lawsuit.  This is especially important if goods have been delivered, or if there is a possibility of flight on the part of the non-paying party.  Filing a breach of contract lawsuit does not preclude negotiation or settling the manner in a way that is consistent with our client’s goals and objectives.  It simply adds strength, power and the force of law behind our client’s position, and allows the Judge to take control of any disputed assets as well as the freedom of movement of the associated parties when warranted.

If you have experienced losses as a result of a breach of contract, you are responsible to take reasonable, prudent and timely actions to mitigate the damages associated with the breach.  Failure to do so will limit your ability to hold the other party financially responsible for the breach.

UCC guidelines establish a statute of limitations for bringing a lawsuit, and this coincides with the practical issue of the number of months or years the case may actually take to win and achieve a judgment.  It is usually better to get the case moving forward so that all options remain open down the road.

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The failure to pay causes multiple challenges for any business owner.  What steps should you take if you provide goods or services and are not paid for your work?  We invite you to review our podcast Episode 5 – Breach of Contract as well as the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Form or call us today at 858-535-1511 for a free and substantive consultation.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm have more than 40 years of experience in failure to pay and breach of contract cases.  We will help to identify your options and goals for the collection of monies owed as well as the breach of contract, and develop a strategy to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.