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Things to Look For In a San Diego Business LawyerAny San Diego business, real estate venture or medical practice should have an experienced local attorney to serve as their business “General Counsel.”   What is a general counsel and why is it important for your LLC or corporation?  A company’s business general counsel is the lead attorney for all legal matters that relate to the business.  As your general counsel, the Watkins Firm attorneys serve not only as your “registered agent”, but manage all legal work including contracts, business documentation, disputes, or lawsuits that may arise.

Larger corporations have their own internal legal team, and the General Counsel will serve as the leader of that group.  Small to mid-sized businesses do not need to go to the expense of having a dedicated internal legal team.  However, they are required to operate and conduct business in accordance with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and requirements.  As your general counsel, the Watkins Firm will advise you on all legal matters, and will serve as an advisor who can help your business to avoid liabilities and potential pitfalls to maximize the success and profitability of your company.

Your General Counsel is like an experienced guide who knows the area well and helps you to take the shortest and most effective route while avoiding dangerous situations and traps that will delay your progress.

Why Does Every Olympic and Professional Athlete Have a Coach?

San Diego Business General Counsel - Business AttorneyHere’s an important question: Why does every Olympic and professional athlete have a coach?  These are some of the highest performance and wealthiest of individuals in the world.  They are already experts at what they do.  They are highly skilled and disciplined.  So why would they need a coach?

Now ask yourself this question: Who do I trust most when I have questions about my business, my company, my industry? Every business owner and corporate executive has those “moments” when they’re faced with a challenge or a seeming brick wall.  Would you like to know how others have successfully solved that puzzle or gotten over, under, around or through that wall?

How do you expand what you are doing to a larger market, a wider market, a new market?  How do you acquire the assets, people and existing operations necessary to move forward?  Should you consider “this” decision or “that” option?  How do you avoid the types of challenges which cause 80% of the other companies to fail?

The Watkins Firm provides sound business advice and counsel based upon more than 40 years of successful Business transactions, contracts, disputes, changes, challenges and market developments.  Would it surprise you to learn there was no internet when we were trying our first cases?  Think about all that has changed since.

We are business owners ourselves.  How have we been able to navigate all of these changes ourselves?  How have we been able to help thousands of San Diego and Southern California businesses, corporate entities, small startups, healthcare companies and medical practices to not only survive but thrive?


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Sound Business Experience and Advice

Real Value of a San Diego Business AttorneyOur founder, Dan Watkins, says that every business should have 3 key external players or “partners”: An experienced business lawyer, a CPA/Tax advisor and a banker/financing professional.  As your experienced business general counsel we help you to evaluate challenges, answer questions and ask even better questions.

Serving as your company’s general counsel isn’t just about legal work, it’s about becoming a trusted advisor for our business, real estate and healthcare clients.  The Watkins firm has worked with thousands of businesses, real estate developers and entrepreneurs as well as medical practices and healthcare facilities for decades here in San Diego.

While we have some of the most experienced and respected business attorneys, the real value we can deliver is our deep expertise in your specific industry or niche.

We’ve helped other businesses just like yours through most of the challenges and growth that you will face.  We know the potential hazards that have hurt or ended other companies and how to avoid them.  Most importantly, we can advise you on how to build upon your business and help it to grow into the thriving and profitable venture you envision.

We have extensive relationships throughout the community and introduce our clients to the people and professionals that extends their own circle of influence and provides access to professional services, investment capital and potential partners that will help your business to succeed.

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  1. As a business, we understand the importance of protecting your business throughout its lifetime, from business formation to eventual sale or dissolution. We get to know your business and understand your goals and objectives so that we can provide the most effective combination of advice and services to help you reach them.  We have worked with literally thousands of local and regional businesses and can help you to avoid business disputes and pitfalls, and prosperously grow your business. Contact us online or call 858-535-1511 to discuss your case with a knowledgeable business law attorney in San Diego, California.

There are too many regulatory, legal and compliance issues for any business person to keep track of.  You are building a business that will not only generate income, but will become a valuable asset.  You will profit from the sound advice and counsel provided by the experienced business lawyers at the Watkins Firm.  Let’s discuss your business, your goals and dreams, and how we can work together to protect your business and bring that vision into reality.