Legal Resources for Business Brokers in San Diego

representing business brokers in buy sell transactionsThe Watkins Firm has decades of experience representing business brokers in buy sell transactions in San Diego and throughout California.  Business brokers are often faced with transactions which do not fit the usual business sale model or require some legal insight into a specific business issue or area of law.  The Watkins Firm provides sound legal counsel and analysis regarding the best strategy to structure a buy sell transaction, perform a comprehensive due diligence, obtain financing or create contracts or other legal documents to ensure a smooth closing of your transaction.

The Watkins Firm can assist with any business buy sell transaction.  We have helped to complete many successful transactions in most areas of business such as:

  •  Medical Practices and Surgery Centers (Eye doctors, dentists, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, med-spas, physical therapists.
  •  Restaurants (bars, coffee shops, franchise yogurt shops)
  •  Professional Service Practices (Law firms, architecture and engineering firms, accounting firms, construction companies.)
  •  Retail Shops
  •  Automotive

We Help Business Brokers to Successfully Close Their Transactions

Experienced Legal Team for Buy Sell TransactionsRepresenting business brokers in buy sell transactions provides security for our business broker clients and increases the number of transactions they are able to close each year.  Practically speaking, business brokers are really like specialized business attorneys.  They close millions of dollars a year in business sales without the need for an outside attorney.   From time to time, some issues may arise which require some outside legal assistance to close a transaction.  Business brokers rely upon the Watkins Firm to provide assistance with:

  • Structure.  Some areas of business have regulations and other barriers that require some basic advice to assure the client that the transaction is legal and complies with all regulatory and licensing laws. For example in the health care field, certain types of providers are regulated and require a different structure than others.  Certain employees of certain businesses have varying employment requirements.  The Watkins Firm can easily tell a broker what structure is required for the type of business before they get too far down the line in the transaction.
  • Financing.  Sometimes the parties are not able to comply with, or completely understand, the best way to structure a transaction to allow it to obtain and or qualify for financing.  The Watkins Firm has a network of CPA’s we work with that can assist the parties in making sure a transaction will comply and qualify for outside financing.  If your deal has gotten to this stage and you have some concerns please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  We would be happy to discuss that matter with you and give you any suggestions we can.  If your client requires further assistance, we can work with the CPA’s/accountants and attempt to get the matter resolved and transaction closed.
  • Due diligence.  Not all transactions require exhaustive due diligence.  Many require limited and basic due diligence.  Drafting an agreement that fits those parameters can require the assistance of outside counsel.  Also, our firm can assist with due diligence, schedules, and other matters which may sometimes slow a deal down.  Our veteran paralegals can create and prepare final due diligence documents for your transaction at a fraction of the cost and time that the parties themselves or another party could accomplish.

Building Relationships That Last

The Watkins Firm builds relationships with Business Brokers that last.  Our business transaction attorneys range in experience from 40 years to 5 years.  We welcome your calls and questions.  We have the experience representing business brokers in buy sell transactions throughout California to know the answers without having to look anything up in most cases.  We also know this is just good business because sooner or later you will need our services to help you close a sensitive or complex transaction.

We have the capacity to close your mid to small size business sale quickly and cost effectively.

Contact Experienced San Diego Attorneys for Business Brokers

We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and reach out to the Watkins Firm or call us at 858-535-1511 with any questions you might have.  After decades of experience with the San Diego business community and representing business brokers in buy sell transactions in San Diego and throughout California we know there will be opportunities for us to work together.  The Watkins Firm is a valuable partner and resource for any San Diego or Southern California business broker.