Facilitating Successful Real Estate Projects and Transactions

Business Law Lawyers for Companies of any SizeWhy do you need an experienced, proven San Diego real estate attorney? The laws governing the purchase or sale of real estate, as well as commercial lease, construction, hidden defects, failure to disclose as well as the financing and regulation of real estate in California are a complex web of provisions. Trying to handle a real estate transaction or resolve a dispute on your own can be an extremely stressful and costly experience.

Turn, instead, to the experienced San Diego real estate attorneys at the Watkins Firm. We have the expertise to skillfully guide you through the maze of real estate law to achieve your goals, whether you are negotiating a real estate purchase agreement, seeking a zoning variance, litigating a construction contract dispute, or dealing with any other California real estate law issue.

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Resolving Southern California and San Diego Real Estate Disputes

When a real estate dispute threatens to affect the use and enjoyment of your property, the success of your real estate development or project or the relationship with a neighbor we can help you find better solutions.

Led by veteran trial lawyer Daniel Watkins, our San Diego real estate attorneys and dispute resolution team provides guidance and representation for businesses and individuals facing any form of real estate dispute, including:

  • A Real Estate Dispute with a Neighbor in San DiegoView Disputes
  • Failure to Disclose
  • Commercial Lease Negotiations
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions
  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Easement and Border Disputes


In many cases, a costly and public court battle is not the right option. We have developed a unique approach to real estate disputes which is designed to resolve them in a cost-effective and timely manner.  This includes leveraged effective negotiation, business arbitration, early neutral evaluation and mediation.  Real estate disputes aren’t simply about legal issues, its about providing advice that is best for your business.

Broad and Extensive Experience in Real Estate Law

real estate disputes are most often resolved through effective negotiationOur firm is devoted to working within our clients’ budgets and giving them maximum options when it comes to structuring transactions and resolving real estate disputes. We provide each client with personalized service and attention from experienced real estate lawyers who have successfully completed thousands of transactions and projects like yours. Our clients value this depth of real world expertise, and our ability to help them to more quickly and efficiently accomplish their goals.

Real estate law is extraordinarily complex, and the stakes are typically high for all parties involved in a commercial or residential transaction. Contact knowledgeable and experienced San Diego real estate attorneys, or call for a complimentary consultation at 858-535-1511 today.

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Watkins Firm, APC

How much real estate law experience does the Watkins Firm have?

The Watkins Firm has handled thousands of real estate related transactions, commercial lease negotiations and disputes over our decades of service to San Diego and Southern California.

Why do you need an experienced real estate attorney to negotiate a commercial lease in San Diego?

Commercial leases are legally quite complex. What used to be a relatively short document is now the size of a novel. There are many issues and fine details in this legal document which will have a direct impact on the success of your company in the years to come.

Do you handle disputes between neighbors?

Yes. We take a unique approach to real estate litigation which is specifically designed to help neighbors in dispute to resolve the matter quickly in a cost-effective manner.

Does the Watkins Firm handle view disputes?

Yes. If someone has added new construction or allowed vegetation or trees to grow and block part or all of your view, or if you have been accused of blocking someone else's view our experienced real estate attorneys will represent and protect your interests.