Expand Your Business Through Purchase of Another Company's Stock or Asset's

Purchase a Competitor or Expand Your San Diego BusinessWhen do you need the experienced mergers and acquisition attorneys at the Watkins Firm?  Your company may want to buy or merge into another for any number of reasons. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who has built up a business and you are now ready to sell it. Maybe you believe you can gain greater efficiency by combining with another company.

At the Watkins Firm, our experienced mergers and acquisitions attorneys counsel clients throughout San Diego County on their options for the purchase, sale and merging of small, medium and large businesses. To set up a free, no-obligation consultation, contact our San Diego mergers and acquisitions lawyers about your business acquisition or purchase.

Combining Business Operations by a Variety of Different Routes

Mergers and acquisitions is a general name for a broad category of many different types of business transactions by which the operations and assets of two businesses are placed under the control of a single business. Among the most common scenarios are the following:interests in a joint venture

  • The two businesses may merge into a single company pursuant to a merger agreement.
  • One business may acquire the other pursuant to a stock sale, buy-sell agreement or other type of purchase and sale agreement.
  • One business may dissolve and transfer its property, contracts, goodwill and other assets to the other business through an asset sale.

Which scenario is advisable for your situation depends on many details about the types of businesses and assets involved, as well as the goals of the transaction.

Our attorneys assist California clients with all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including drafting purchase and sale agreements, handling all escrow and due diligence issues pre and post closing of the transactions and the liquidation and winding up of business entities slated for dissolution.

Experienced at Making Complex Transactions Workable

Mergers and acquisitions of business entities in California can be extremely complex transactions. Your choices regarding which routes to follow can have a substantial impact on the timeliness and success of the merger, sale or dissolution process. Our experienced attorneys will simplify your merger and acquisition by taking the time to explain all aspects of the process to you.

Contact Experienced California Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers

It is important to consult with a lawyer who is experienced at facilitating complex business purchase and sale transactions. Our firm has decades of experience and expertise background in this area. Contact a California mergers and acquisitions attorney to discuss how we can help you pursue a positive outcome.

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What do mergers and acquisitions attorneys handle?

The mergers and acquisitions attorneys at the Watkins Firm handle stock purchase, asset purchase, mergers, joint venture and buy sell transactions in San Diego and Southern California.

What is a stock purchase?

A stock purchase allows the buyers to literally step into the shoes of the seller. You acquire the entire company through a stock purchase. This option carries substantial risks associated with hidden contingent liabilities and transfer of goodwill.

What is an Asset Purchase?

An asset purchase is a transaction limited to the acquisition of a company's specific assets including, but not limited to real estate, vehicles, inventory, customers or intellectual property.

What is the greatest risk in mergers and acquistions?

Hidden contingent liabilities and poor due diligence are the greatest risks associated with San Diego area mergers and acquisitions.