Mergers and acquisitions require extensive experience and legal skill.  The Watkins Firm has 40+ years of experience serving the business, science and tech, real estate and medical / healthcare communities here in San Diego and across California.  We have successfully completed thousands of these complex transactions Buying an existing business, selling your company or it’s assets, […]

What are your minority shareholder rights as an investor in California?  Are you concerned about your investment or that your rights as a minority shareholder in San Diego have been violated?  What can the experienced San Diego shareholder’s rights attorneys at the Watkins Firm do to protect your interests? The first legal step in any […]

What do you need to know about starting a company in San Diego?  It is important to seek the advice of experienced San Diego business formation attorneys at the Watkins Firm who have more than four decades of experience helping businesses to start and grow here in San Diego. This is your new company.  You […]

We are often asked “What is required to mitigate damages in breach of contract?”  Are you the victim of a business breach of contract?  You may not be responsible for the breach, but you do have responsibilities under the law to protect your interests and preserve your right to purse appropriate damages from the breaching […]

Do you suspect a business partner is stealing from the company?  Is a co-owner or officer of the corporation stealing or abusing corporate funds or assets for personal gain?  The first and perhaps most important advice is not to confront your business partner on your own, and certainly do not express suspicions without documented evidence. […]

Are you searching for a lawyer to protect a shareholder’s interests in California?  Shareholders who disagree with the direction of the corporation, or the specific activities, decisions or behaviors of its officers and directors have the power to impact decisions at a corporate level.  Who will assert and protect the interests of investors and shareholders? […]

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