A Law Firm That Understands Science and Technology

At the Watkins Firm, our experienced lawyers help California clients protect their interests and pursue success through scientific and technological innovation. Whether you need advice on the creation and management of a science or technology company or are involved in a business dispute, we can help.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a business lawyer knowledgeable in the legal issues affecting science and technology businesses, contact us. From our offices in San Diego, we represent business clients throughout Southern California.

Representing Technology Companies and Their Employees

Our firm represents companies involved in many aspects of science and technology, including information technology, data protection, e-commerce, biotechnology, chemical law/research and development, telecommunications and more. Our services include:

  • Science and technology company formation
  • Relations with applicable government agencies
  • Employee confidentiality agreements
  • Protection of trade secrets

We also represent employees and prospective employees of science and technology companies seeking to protect their interests with regard to the use of their inventions by their employers and other issues.

The stakes are high in transactions involving potentially valuable intellectual property, which often play a central role in the formation and ongoing operation of science and technology companies. Our attorneys are attuned to these issues and can offer you skilled legal guidance.

Pursuing Smart Litigation Strategies Informed by the Latest Developments

The volume of litigation in the area of science and technology law is constantly on the rise, especially in areas fueled by the growth of the Internet and the changing nature of computers and software.

We pay close attention to legal developments affecting science and technology law, and are prepared to help clients seek positive resolutions to any disputes that may arise. Whether you are a business or an individual looking to protect and potentially monetize your scientific and technological ideas and inventions, don’t hesitate to contact us for valuable, cost-effective legal advice and representation.