Welcome to the Watkins Firm Podcast “Sound Business Insights” with Dan Watkins

Sound Business Insights is designed to provide proven legal insight for business owners, employers, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, medical and real estate professionals. Here are a few of the many topics we will be covering on the podcast:

  • Introducing our New Podcast - "Sound Business Insights" - Episode 1Starting a business
  • Contracts and transactions
  • Buying and selling a business
  • Insights for employers
  • Resolving business disputes (our unique approach: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and when necessary, litigation).  It is our success and proven track record at trial which helps to get the attention of opposing parties and gain their cooperation to resolve the matter at hand.
  • Breach of Contract
  • Shareholders’ Rights
  • Legal issues for the medical and healthcare industry


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  • iHeart Radio
  • Spotify


Daniel Watkins is a true people person who sincerely listens. He cares about things that occur in other people’s lives. Dan enjoys digging into the facts and finding creative solutions to problems. He is not shy about giving his opinion either.  This is why our podcast Sound Business Insights was designed – to allow you to engage with Dan in a more personal way while hearing his insight into many important business and real estate issues here in San Diego and across Southern California.

Dan has practiced in the areas of business, real estate and employment law since 1987. He is a also seasoned litigator and true trial attorney with over 50 jury and bench trials to his credit.


Watkins Firm Sound Business Insights - Episode 1 - An Introduction to Sound Business Insights





Watkins Firm Sound Business Insights Episode 2 - Starting a Business





Watkins Firm Sound Business Insights - Episode 3 - Corporate Documents Contracts and Raising Investment Capital