Business Law Lawyers for Companies of any SizeThe Watkins Firm is a boutique business law firm that focuses on providing personalized, cost-effective and experienced business contract, transaction and litigation services to clients in San Diego County and throughout California.

With a primary focus on providing services to small and mid-sized businesses, we have also represented major corporations and entities, such as Coldwell Banker and Sheraton Hotel & Resorts. Many of our clients have stayed with us for decades, calling us their “first choice” for outside business general counsel.

We have extensive experience in tech, medical practices and healthcare business, real estate development, and businesses of all sizes and structures.  We are business owners ourselves.  In our nearly 40 years of service to the San Diego and Southern California business community we have helped to form, advise and serve thousands of businesses in virtually every vertical market.

You can draw upon those decades of proven experience and success to serve you and your company as you work to accomplish your business vision.  We can help to identify potential issues and risks before they arise.  We work closely with our clients through every phase of the life of their business.  Our clients value the sound advice and counsel we provide and the cost-efficient manner with which we handle their matters.

Sound Advice and Counsel Based Upon Decades of Experience

Experienced Trusted San Diego Business Attorney and LawyerAn experienced business attorney is one of the most important members of your company’s team.  You will need a trusted advisor who has the decades of experience as a small business owner and general counsel to help at each stage of your company’s growth.

What separates the few businesses who survive the process of start up and grow to achieve the vision of their founders?

The difference is solid planning based upon genuine knowledge and insight.  We can share the pitfalls which have set back others in your business and the strategies to avoid them.

We provide sound advice on every issue of business from start up, managing employees, growing into new market opportunities, protecting trade secrets and intellectual property and resolving the disputes that are bound to arise along the way.  What is the best way to attract new investment?  How do you protect the corporate veil?

The central question is: what are you trying to accomplish?  Your Watkins Firm business attorney has almost four decades of genuine business experience, usually in your own vertical market.  We’ve helped thousands of Southern California businesses of all sizes.  We can help you to make the journey from where your company stands today to the vision you hold for the future and protect you at each step along the way.

An Experienced, Proven San Diego Business Law Firm

Whether you are considering forming a business, require contracts to manage relationships with employeessuppliers or distribution channels, are facing a breach of contract dispute, or in the midst of dissolving your business our San Diego business law attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help. We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary consultation today.

Business Legal Services

Our lead business transactions attorney, Chris Popov, has been providing knowledgeable legal guidance to clients since 1979. Together with our team of business transaction attorneys, he has represented numerous small, medium and large businesses with a variety of legal needs, including:

The Essence of Business is Rooted in Transactions

The foundation of business is the transaction.  The transactions between companies, between suppliers and their clients, between an employer and their employees and between a company and their customers.  The completion of successful business transactions is rooted in the successful structure of the contracts which govern them.  The Watkins Firm has served San Diego and Southern California for almost four decades.  We can tell you without a doubt, the primary key to ensuring business success lies in the structure of the company’s transactions and the contracts associated with them.

San Diego Business Transaction Lawyer AttorneyThe Watkins Firm has developed a comprehensive library of proven, successful contracts for almost any given business purpose.  These contracts are regularly updated based upon changes to federal, state and local laws and regulations.  We save our clients time and money by carefully crafting contracts which are specifically tailored to their unique applications.  Our contracts are designed to capture the entire agreement between the parties, the specific deliverables of each party and the “benefit of the bargain” anticipated by the contract or relationship.  A strong contract should not only capture the essence of the transaction, but anticipate any issue which might arise and provide a road map for the parties to work through the transaction to a successful conclusion.

When transactions are based upon downloaded forms, or a contract from a previous situation which is “modified” to work there are too many ambiguities and too much room for dispute.  California has some of the most sophisticated, complex and constantly changing laws and regulatory compliance issues in the country.  Our goal is to facilitate successful transactions for our clients while reducing or eliminating challenges which might otherwise interrupt the transaction or result in a dispute between the parties.

Business Dispute Services

When a business dispute threatens to reduce your bottom line, affect your business’s reputation or even cause business dissolution, we can help you find better solutions. Led by veteran trial lawyer Daniel Watkins, our business dispute team provides guidance and representation for businesses facing any form of business dispute, including:

In many cases, a costly and public court battle is not the right option. We often recommend alternative dispute resolution options to our business clients, including business arbitration, early neutral evaluation and mediation.  Business law isn’t simply about legal issues, its about providing advice that is best for your business.

Experienced San Diego Business Law Lawyers

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As a business, we understand the importance of protecting your business throughout its lifetime, from formation to eventual sale or dissolution. We get to know your business and understand your goals and objectives so that we can provide the most effective combination of advice and services to help you reach them.  We have worked with literally thousands of local and regional businesses and can help you to avoid business disputes and pitfalls, and prosperously grow your business. Contact us online or call 858-535-1511 to discuss your case with a knowledgeable business law attorney in San Diego, California.


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