San Diego Litigation Defense Attorneys

Class action lawsuits and litigation continues to rise across the United States and here in San Diego.  The financial exposure of a class action lawsuit for our business clients is extensive and can often represent a risk to the survival of the company itself.  The experienced San Diego class action defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of litigation and defense expertise here in San Diego and Southern California Courts.  Our cost-effective and timely class action defense strategies can put a stop to this complex legal process or limit the extent of the damages.

We work to defeat the certification of a class, secure dismissal of class representative’s claims and negotiate favorable settlements on behalf of our clients.  The stakes in these cases are quite high.  Our experienced litigation team and skilled defense attorneys protect defendant’s rights while working to limit discovery and needless “fishing expeditions” by plaintiff attorneys.

Defending Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuits

San Diego Class Action DefenseThe Watkins Firm has extensive expertise defending San Diego employers in wage and hour and employment related cases.   When a group of employees is drawn into a class action, the potential expense and associated risk for our clients is quite high.  Our experienced San Diego class action defense attorneys handle wage and hour class actions including but not limited to:

False Advertising and Unfair Competition Defense

Unfair Competition Defense AttorneysCalifornia has some of the most complex false advertising and unfair competition laws in the nation.  We defend businesses who are accused of unfair advertising strategies, such as false “sale” allegations.  In these cases plaintiffs may attempt to assert that the “compare at” price is consistently overstated or that the articles in question were never offered for sale at the original price listed on the price tag prior to markdown.  We defend advertisers and businesses in almost every industry and market niche including clothing and retail stores, solar power sales and installation companies, as well as food, drug and cosmetics.

We defend business clients against consumer class action litigation under the California Business & Professions Code for unfair competition and false advertising as well as the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act.  We also defend those who been accused of violating California or Federal “Organic or Made in the USA” labeling laws.

Contact Experienced San Diego Class Action Defense Lawyers

If your business faces the risk of a class action lawsuit you need experienced, proven San Diego class action defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm.  We invite you to contact us, or call 858-535-1511 to discuss your case with one of our seasoned lawyers.  Learn more about the aggressive strategies we will develop and deploy to protect your interests and our unique approach to litigation which is designed to resolve difficult matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.