Business Contract Lawyers Serving San Diego

Business contracts form the basis for most business and employment relationships.  They are the foundation that your business is built upon, and the quality and strength of those contracts will have a profound impact upon the ultimate success of your company.  Business contracts cover a broad range of internal and external issues, including: An effective business contract clearly establishes the role of all parties, as well as the “benefit of the bargain” for each.  Good contracts ensure that the parties understand their responsibilities, the time frames associated with contract expectations and benchmarks for successful completion.  The experienced business contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm anticipate all possible contingencies and ensure that our contracts provide resolutions for any unexpected development that might arise.  Our well crafted business agreements provide the strongest opportunity for a transaction or relationship to be successful.

Contract Negotiations and Due Diligence

It is good to have the counsel and advice of attorneys with decades of actual trial and dispute resolution experience with contracts here in the San Diego region.  The Watkins Firm attorneys will make a substantial contribution to the quality and enforceability of your agreement while protecting the “atmosphere” surrounding the negotiation or deal in progress.  We understand the relationship nuances and contribute in a positive manner while protecting your interests.  Our experience helps you to avoid the pitfalls that have cost other businesses thousands of dollars, while providing insightful analysis into contractual provisions and drafts constructed by attorneys for the other side.  We work closely with you at each step of the negotiation and due diligence to protect your position and ensure your transaction or relationship is built upon a strong foundation that increases the likelihood of success.

Why Should I Hire The Watkins Firm?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners attempt to use “off the shelf” contracts or downloaded forms in an effort to cut costs and simply get things done.  At the Watkins Firm, we understand the concerns of business professionals and the desire to make every dollar count.  We share those values.  Our mission is to provide substantive and cost-effective advice at every stage of your business development, to ensure that you have the contracts and agreements that move your business smoothly through each transaction.  We work with you to structure agreements with employees and personnel that encourage maximum performance while protecting the integrity of your products, assets, trade secrets and proprietary information. We help our clients to structure effective agreements with contractors, vendors, suppliers, customers, business partners and employees.  Our contracts and corporate documentation clearly establishes the responsibilities of each party, and positions your company to receive maximum benefit with the lowest possible risk and liability thresholds.  We are a single source partner at each step, from contract creation, negotiations, through execution, and performance.  If there is a breach of contract, we will advise you and identify several options to profitably and effectively resolve the dispute.

Contact Experienced San Diego Business Contract Attorneys

The quality of your contracts will define the extent of your profits and your vulnerability to litigation.  Contact the experienced and proven business and contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  The consultation is not a 30 minute gimmick, it will include a comprehensive conversation and the development of a strategy that will provide the best environment for a successful outcome, and a budget for that work.  Our clients value the quality, substance and candor of our advice, and the cost-effective manner in which we serve them.  We serve clients throughout San Diego, from Escondido to El Centro, from Oceanside to the border.