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Attorneys for Successful Business Transactions in San DiegoBusiness transactions are the essence of business itself.  Part of the art of business is how one successfully structures business transactions and relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and other companies.  What is it that makes a business transaction successful?  How do our clients draw upon the Watkins Firm as general business counsel and experienced advisors to meet the challenges they face and develop strategies to succeed and thrive?

The Watkins Firm has provided legal advice and services to support business transactions and the negotiation, creation and review of associated business contracts in San Diego and Southern California for over four decades.  Our attorneys provide a broad range of business transaction legal services and carefully craft the documents and contracts which guide our clients through the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Our extensive and successful track record of service to the San Diego business, real estate, medical practice and healthcare business communities the Watkins Firm is uniquely positioned to provide accurate insight and informed advice and counsel on any business related matter.  We take a unique approach to the provision of legal services which is designed to provide our clients with a timely and responsive experience in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

A Legal Partner for San Diego Business Transactions

The Watkins Firm provides a broad, comprehensive palette of legal and business service offerings to professionals, corporations and partnerships in all aspects of business transactions and associated documents.  This includes but is not limited to:

Company Formations and Entity Selection

San Diego business transaction attorneysSelecting the right entity or constellation of entities to support the type of business you intend to conduct.  However, business formation is never complete until corporate documents have been customized to meet the needs of the company’s owners, members, shareholders, partners and/or investors.


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Corporate Law and Business Law

Serving San Diego and Southern California business entities, officers, directors, executives, owners, majority stakeholders, shareholders and members.  The Watkins Firm provides services for every aspect of managing the corporate entity and it’s assets to the contracts which govern the relationships of your business.

Right San Diego Corporate Attorney for Your Corporation - Corporate LawGeneral Business Counsel

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Business Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreements

Employment Agreements

Physician Employment Agreements

Executive Compensation and Executive Severance

Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbooks and Employment Related Documentation

Intellectual Property

Business Purchase or Sale

Your Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney in San Diego - M & A TransactionsOne of the most successful strategies for the growth of your business is the acquisition of another company’s assets or to purchase the company itself.  These business transactions are legally and financially quite complex and the Watkins Firm provides extensive, proven due diligence checklists and supporting contracts and services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Asset Purchase

Stock Purchase

The Foundation of Business Transaction Success

Business Transaction Attorney San Diego and Southern CaliforniaWhat is business itself in the absence of transactions?  Business transactions are the foundation of any successful business or corporation.  All business owners, directors, and executives require experienced and proven legal and business counselors to provide insight into opportunities challenges and guidance on the avoidance of the pitfalls and mistakes which have caused substantial set backs for businesses like yours.  The foundation of business transaction success is a sound business idea or relationship supported by well-crafted business contracts which guide the transaction from its inception through a successful conclusion.

Your Watkins Firm business and corporate attorney has more than 40 years of experience serving the San Diego business community, and is a trusted counselor and advisor who provides insight into challenges, dispute resolution when conflicts or lawsuits arise, guidance for San Diego and Southern California employers and business general counsel from the date of your company’s formation until the day it leaves your hands.

Successful business is rooted in it’s successful business transactions. 

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