Medical Business and Healthcare Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Helping Medical Practices and Healthcare Entities to Protect the Corporate Veil Through Governance and Compliance

Medical Business and Healthcare Governance and Regulatory ComplianceSan Diego and Southern California Medical Business and Healthcare governance and regulatory compliance is an ongoing and complex challenge.  All corporate entities, including the California Professional Corporation or PC, must institute strategies to ensure ongoing compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws, regulations and ethical conduct requirements. Corporate governance ensures the viability of the “corporate veil.”  The legal entity for your practice or healthcare business was established to protect shareholders and personal interests and assets from the debts and legal liabilities associated with any business or corporation. Medical business and healthcare governance and regulatory compliance is a system of strategies, processes, documentation and practices which protect the corporate veil.

Governance and Compliance Specifically Associated with Healthcare and Medical Business Entities

The Watkins Firm helps all of our business clients to develop and implement comprehensive corporate governance and compliance strategies.  Our medical and healthcare clients are burdened with additional laws and regulatory compliance issues. These Include, but are not limited to: Elect to Form a California Professional Corporation or PCStark Law – governing self-referral and kickbacks.  California and federal laws prohibit the practice of offering, accepting, paying or receiving anything of value in exchange for a medical or healthcare related referral. Billing Practices – protecting against errors and allegations of billing fraud to avoid exclusion from Medicare and Medi-Cal. HIPAA Compliance – protection of electronic health information from unauthorized access, modification, deletion, reproduction, or transmission and associated reporting requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Employment Practices – in addition to California’s complex employer responsibilities relating to hiring and contracting, managing, disciplining and ultimately terminating workers, the California Medical Board establishes additional burdens on medical practices and healthcare entities regarding the supervision of licensed professionals and staff. Health and Safety – compliance with OSHA, Cal/OSHA and all other federal, state and local safety regulations. This includes the management and reporting requirements associated with workplace accidents and injuries, workers compensation, disability and all associated claims, investigations, hearings and disputes.

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If you are forming a new medical practice or healthcare entity, ophthalmology group or center, or joint venture the experienced business formation attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help you select the appropriate entity and inform you of the advantages of the California Professional Corporation. If you are already an operational entity you may need to learn about staffing and employer defense, physician and medical professional contracts, governance and regulatory compliance or the development of a compliance plan. Our experienced healthcare law attorneys also resolve healthcare related disputes and lawsuits in a timely and cost effective manner and represent clients in arbitration or mediation.
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Starting a New Medical Practice in San Diego - Professional CorporationThe Watkins Firm has decades of experience protecting the corporate veil of our medical and healthcare related business clients.  We get to know your unique practice and/or operations in order to understand your goals and objectives and develop strategies to protect your entity and individual stakeholders. We invite you to review the strong recommendations of former clients and the legal industry and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free and substantive consultation regarding our services to support Southern California and San Diego Medical Business and Healthcare Governance and Regulatory Compliance.