If you are considering ending your business, whether to reform as a new entity or to move on to a new project, you need a skilled corporate attorney to help you. At the Watkins Firm, our knowledgeable lawyers can help you shield yourself from liability, resolve your debts and get a fresh start.

The attorneys at the Watkins Firm help small, medium and large businesses wind up their business interests and affairs. We have extensive experience with business dissolution issues and can help you reform your business as a new entity. Contact our San Diego business dissolution attorneys to discuss your issues in a free consultation.

Ending Your Business

Because bringing your business to an end can be a difficult decision, our attorneys can advise you about specific issues concerning the dissolution of your business. Whether you need to seek bankruptcy protection or are involved in shareholder litigation, we have the experience and skills necessary to successfully wind up your business.

Advantages of Reforming as a New Entity

You may want to reform your company for any number of reasons. If you purchased a company, you may want to restart it in your own name. If your business is saddled with debt, it can be hard to see how to keep your company afloat. At our firm, we assist clients with business dissolution and reformation so they can start fresh as a new entity.

Although you will likely have to start without credit, forming a new business entity can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Old debts and lawsuits are resolved
  • Fresh start rebuilding your company’s goodwill
  • Minimize your future liabilities through careful creation of your new business

Retain a California Business Liquidation Attorney

Whether you are looking for a new beginning or to simply bring your business to a close, our California business liquidation lawyers can help you. Contact our corporate law lawyers to discuss your business needs and goals.