Protecting Employers From Legal Liability

Defending San Diego Employers against an Accusation of RetaliationAt the Watkins Firm, we have the experience and expertise to protect business owners and employers.  We help them to develop and adopt effective employment policies and resolve any employee disputes that might arise. When an employment dispute ends up in court, we offer skilled employer defense based upon a successful track record of success across decades.

The best defense is a good offensive strategy.  Watkins Firm attorneys work with our corporate and business employers to develop strong contracts and enforceable policies and procedures which guide the process from the first interview to termination or separation.

Defense Before Federal or California Agencies and Labor Commissions

If you as a San Diego or California employer have been contacted by a federal or State of California Labor or Employment agency you need to contact the Watkins Firm immediately for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  We represent employers in hearings and conferences before federal and state agencies to protect them from exposure to financial liability while defending employee related lawsuits and allegations as well as allegations of wage theft.

Defense of California Private Attorneys General Act or PAGA Actions

The Private Attorneys General Act or PAGA allows your employees to act as a “proxy” for the State or a type of internal attorneys general.  This allows employees to attempt to bypass the arbitration agreements contained within your employment contracts and pursue civil penalties in a class action as if they were an actual agency of the State of California.

PAGA actions result in a qui tam or whistleblower type claim.  In qui tam claims those who assist a government agency in a case may receive part or all of the recovered financial damages or resulting penalties recovered in by the agency as a result of the prosecution of the case.  In a PAGA action the employee(s) step into the shoes of the California government agency and pursue claims for financial damages against your business or entity.

Proven San Diego Employer Defense Attorneys

At the Watkins Firm, we have decades of experience and expertise defending employers, managers and business clients in the following actions:Defend your San Diego Business in a Breach of Contract


Benefits of Corporate HousekeepingWe help our clients to stay abreast of and in compliance with employment related laws so that they can keep their attention sharply focused on the business at hand.  Our attorneys help San Diego area employers to develop employment contracts, employee manuals, human resources policies, and other workplace structures and documents that protect the company while fostering a productive work environment.

Are you in the midst of an employment dispute, or do you have concerns about existing policies, procedures, handbooks and employment contracts?  Are you concerned about wage and hour issues, or questions about independent contractors or employee misclassification?  To set up a free and substantive consultation to discuss how we can help you address your employment law concerns, contact us today at our offices in San Diego or call 858-535-1511.

Seeking Prompt Resolution of Conflicts With Employees

The overwhelming majority of employment litigation results from employers not addressing employee issues in a timely and effective fashion. A properly handled employment dispute can generally be resolved without any need for litigation if it is addressed soon enough.

  • When employees have genuine complaints, good-faith efforts to address their concerns quickly, within the bounds of what the law requires, generally go a long way.
  • When employees have misunderstandings, there are effective ways to approach them respectfully and clarify the situations that may have led to those misunderstandings.


The Watkins Firm strongly believes that the effective defense of employers from employee legal actions starts with intensive efforts to resolve disputes before a complaint is filed. Of course, we are also prepared to zealously defend your interests in any litigation that occurs. We are experienced at defending employers against both individual and class action complaints by employees

Contact Experienced Business Owner and Employer Defense Lawyers

Take proactive steps to defend yourself and your business against conflicts with employees. Establish a smooth and productive work environment that leverages the skill of each employee to take your business to the next level. Contact the experienced and proven employer defense and employment policy and procedure lawyers at the Watkins Firm, or call 858-535-1511 for a substantive complimentary consultation.

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Watkins Firm, APC

What does a San Diego employer defense attorney do?

The employer defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm have represented and successfully defended San Diego employers for decades.

What type of employer related disputes does the Watkins Firm handle?

The Watkins Firm handles all disputes, litigation, federal and state hearings and conferences defending our employer clients in personal and business related lawsuits, PAGA actions and class action lawsuits.

Does the Watkins Firm represent employers before the California Labor Commission?

Yes. Our attorneys represent employers before all federal and state hearings and settlement conferences. There is no such thing as an informal hearing. You need experienced, proven representation.

Does Watkins Firm handle wage and hour lawsuits?

Yes, unfortunately employee lawsuits have increased exponentially over the past few years. We represent San Diego in all wage and hour disputes, lawsuits and hearings.