Protecting San Diego Employers Against Employment Related Litigation

The Policies and Procedures manual for your company is more important than ever as employment related litigation continues to exponentially increase each year.  The foundations established in your Policies and Procedures should be connected to all aspects of employment and the management of employees within your company.  The San Diego Business and Employer Services attorneys at the Watkins Firm ensure a sound strategy is in place from the initial offer letter through the employment contract, employee handbook, the policies and procedures and ultimately the consistent implementation and update of these crucial business documents.

The Policies and Procedures for your company establish the standards for how your employees will conduct themselves while upholding the values and best practices of your company.  Policies and Procedures create the system which will ensure regulatory and legal compliance with all employment and ethics laws while providing the framework for managing the day-to-day activities of your employees.

Our well crafted Policies and Procedures are also a solid foundation and defense against employee related disputes and litigation.  They prevent abuses of federal and state law by employees and create the standards by which employment performance is measured and the process which will hold each employee accountable.  The Policies and Procedures help to create productivity, compliant work and a positive and engaged work environment.

What Should Be Addressed in Policies and Procedures?

Legally speaking, your “policies” is considered to be the legal, consistent, enforceable and written conditions, regulations, principles or behavioral guidelines which every person in the company must adhere to.  The “procedures” establish the action steps and process required to implement, manage and document your policies.

Policies and Procedures are crucial corporate documents which provide instruction and guidance to your employees and the management team.  They increase the consistency of the management of each and every employee and ensure all interactions, both positive and negative, are well documented.  Your Policies and Procedures ensure your employees are treated fairly and equally while providing sound guidelines for management, discipline, the management of leave and non-productive time, overtime and ultimately termination.

Process for Developing Effective Policies and Procedures

Your Policies and Procedures should address the following:

  • Employee conduct, attendance policies, leave and sick time, performance measurement and discipline, advancement and termination
  • Communication and escalation of employee grievances, complaints and related dispute resolution strategies
  • Health and Safety Issues, the prevention of workplace violence and accidents as well as the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Location, security and handling of proprietary information, trade secrets, and corporate information
  • Guidelines regarding communications such as cell phones, e-mail, texting, messaging, and the use of social media
  • The use of company technology, software and applications, communications equipment and associated privacy issues
  • Federal employment issues such as FMLA, FLSA, ADA, wage and hour including overtime, meals and rest breaks
  • The use of benefits including sick time, vacation, paid time off, short and long term disability

Contact Experienced San Diego Company Policies and Procedures Attorneys

Your Policies and Procedures create a positive and productive work environment while reducing the likelihood of employment related disputes and litigation.  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.  Learn how our integrated employment contracts and documents protect your company and the relationship between your business, managers and employees.