San Diego Breach of Contract Lawyers

When a breach of contract occurs and you are not getting what you bargained for, the Watkins Firm can do the talking for you. When your demands for payment have gone unanswered or you are being sued over a contract and require experienced defense attorneys, reach out to the business contract dispute resolution attorneys at the Watkins Firm. Hiring an attorney sends the message that you are serious about enforcing your rights.  It also helps to move disputes toward a resolution.  At the San Diego-based Watkins Firm, we represent clients in disputes related to contracts with companies across all of California.

California law requires the party who has experienced a breach to mitigate the damages as soon as possible.  They must use prompt, prudent and effective tactics to limit the damages caused by the breach of contract, or lose the ability to recover part or all of the associated damages.  We advise our clients to protect their position, while working to create a productive and candid negotiation.  In many cases there are important and valuable business relationships at risk, and our unique approach to a breach of contract ensures that business contract disputes are resolved quickly and efficiently while protecting existing relationships.

Making the Decisions that are Best for Your Business

We know business, and we know how business litigation can impact you financially. Our attorneys recognize that settlement of contract disputes is sometimes the quickest, most economically efficient solution. However, if such a solution is not possible, we believe in aggressively protecting our clients’ interests and rights. We work with you, placing great importance on good communication, to help you make the decisions that are best for your business.

Our skilled attorneys take litigation seriously, setting deadlines for payment, handling negotiations, and filing lawsuits on your behalf. We take care of contract disputes involving breach of contract and other issues such as failure to deliver goods or services, or failure to pay for goods or services provided.

The Watkins Firm frequently represents out-of-state businesses who are engaged in contract litigation in California. Every business should have a well qualified business lawyer on speed dial. The Watkins Firm wants to be your San Diego Business Lawyer!

Contact Experienced San Diego Business Contract Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Contact the Watkins Firm at 858-535-1511 to speak with a skilled attorney about how your business may be impacted by a business contract dispute.  We will work to resolve the issue in the most timely, effective and cost efficient manner possible, while protecting your business goals and needs.