San Diego Intellectual Property Attorney

Intellectual Property or IP is simply a creation of the human intellect that uniquely establishes your company’s branding, messaging, logo, product name(s) or original works such as written materials, drawings and designs and video.  Intellectual property is a core ingredient to the success of any business.  Protecting your business intellectual property requires extensive legal experience and expertise.

The attorneys at the Watkins Firm have served San Diego businesses for decades.  We offer full services for the registration and protection of your company’s intellectual property including:

Trademark Services

Our attorneys manage every aspect of trademark registration and management.  We research existing trademarks and other informational sources to evaluate the strength and likelihood of success and to identify potential conflicts.  We prepare and submit trademark applications and shepherd them through the review and challenge phases of review.  Once your trademark is approved, we manage your IP portfolio to maintain the strength and legal viability of your trademark while protecting it against infringement.

Logo Registration and Infringement Defense

Your company logo may be one of the most unique and creative aspects of your business.  A powerful logo clearly communicates the product or service offered, and combines imagery with design and color to establish a unique brand that will cut through the noise of the marketplace to establish and promote your company.  Your logo must be protected and our experienced lawyers will trademark your logo and protect it against all abuse or infringement, domestically and internationally.

Copyright Protection

The IP attorneys at the Watkins Firm are well prepared to help protect your original work and art.  Copyright protections extend to many forms of IP including (but not limited to) images, video, software, original writings such as articles and white papers to books, and artistic creations such as music, sculptures or paintings.  Many artists and businesses under-estimate the complexity of the copyright process, ultimately leaving their work exposed.  We protect your work to ensure it cannot be duplicated or abused while protecting you from exposure to litigation.

Internet Legal Issues and Domain Dispute Resolution

We provide internet related legal services to protect and resolve issues surrounding domains, websites and other internet based intellectual property.  When is it illegal to register domains using brand names and other corporate intellectual property (known as “cybersquatting”) and what action can you take to protect your position?  We help protect your exposure on the web through the development and implementation of Terms of Use and Privacy Policies that protect sensitive information and reduce the likelihood of litigation for your business.

Licensing and Distribution Agreements

Once we have established your business intellectual property, the Watkins Firm will help you to expand your reach into new vertical and geographical markets through the implementation of licensing and distribution agreements.  Licensing your intellectual property and opening new channels of brand distribution create lucrative opportunities that increase economies of scale while increasing profitability.  Our attorneys will guide you through each step of the process to help your business to protect all intellectual property and safely leverage it to maximize return on investment.

Contact the Experienced San Diego Intellectual Property Lawyers at the Watkins Firm

Your business has created a new and unique piece of intellectual property such as a trademark, logo, brand, product, work of art, video or musical composition.  Protect your work, and prepare it to be leveraged into new markets and new opportunities in an expanding global economy.  We invite you to contact our IP attorneys for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  Learn about the work we can do together to register and protect your creations, and leverage them to expand your company and take business to new heights.