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When to Use a Professional Corporation in San DiegoCalifornia laws governing the employment of physicians and healthcare professionals are quite complex, and it is important to work with the proven healthcare law and medical business attorneys at the Watkins Firm who have more than 30 years of experience with the development and enforcement of healthcare and physician employment contracts.  Generally speaking, California law prohibits the “corporate” practice of medicine.  It is not legal for California hospitals, urgent care facilities or other medical businesses to employ physicians to provide medical care.  There are a few areas of exception including some non-profit community clinics, and HMOs and MCOs under certain specific corporate structures.

How are healthcare and physician employment contracts structured?  How does a practice attract new physicians to the practice while protecting the integrity of the practice itself?  Should you consider independent contractor agreements for physicians and other key medical professionals?  Our attorneys have extensive experience forming medical business entities such as a Professional Corporation, and structuring employment agreements and all policies, procedures and employment manuals to ensure that the practice or healthcare business meets all federal, state and local laws, as well as regulatory compliance with OSHA and HIPAA.

Employment Contracts and Representation for Doctors

How Does An Unlawful Detainer WorkThe Watkins Firm has represented several physicians during negotiations with major local hospitals and physicians groups.  We have a unique blend of experience and the credibility to stand up to the legal teams and lawyers employed by major medical providers and healthcare businesses.  We will thoroughly review physician employment contracts provided by the hospital or medical care provider or physicians group, taking into account your experience and specific type of medicine or specialty you practice.

Our physicians and medical business clients appreciate the candor we bring to our conversations, and the advice informed by decades of experience in medical business law.  This is your decision, your professional career.  We will take a hard line on your behalf, when necessary, to ensure that your physician’s employment contract provides the protections you need, the compensation you deserve and the flexibility demanded by the realities of practicing medicine in the current climate of healthcare regulation and insurance developments.

We carefully analyze your risks and legal exposures, and work with you to ensure that you are protected and that your best interests are represented in the new agreement.   Working with the Watkins Firm to develop or review your physician employment contract also ensures that your contract will hold up in Court.  California laws are quite complex in the area of medical professional employment, and our extensive experience in medical business law provides power and strength to your side of the negotiations.

Why Do You Need To Have a Lawyer Review Your Medical Employment Contract?

Starting a New Medical Practice in San Diego - Professional CorporationEvery year the transaction team, at the Watkins Firm, assists doctors and other medical professionals in negotiating numerous employment contracts.  It is surprising how many form contracts have boiler plate items in them that could easily be removed by just asking.  The employer usually does not even know why those clauses are included.

However, in the event of a dispute or some unlikely event, the employee is left holding the bag.

On the flip side, we live in California, the most employee friendly state in America, and some employers use old outdated forms with illegal clauses in them.  What was business as usual is no longer business as usual.  In 2019, California passed AB 5 which completely changed the environment for all healthcare workers.

Because we are experienced medical business lawyers, we negotiate and review many doctor and healthcare professional employment contracts each year. We can review them much less expensively than most law firms.  We do not have to do any research; we know the current law and strategy that matters.

We also do not chase down insignificant points which really won’t matter in the long run.  Having your medical employment contract reviewed and or negotiated should protect your interest while providing peace of mind and comfort in knowing you did it right.  It’s always a good idea for you to share a relationship with a thirty-year healthcare business law firm like the Watkins Firm.

Contact Experienced Physician Employment Contract Attorneys Based in San Diego

Elect to Form a California Professional Corporation or PCThe Watkins Firm provides physicians and medical business units the benefit of decades of experience in the legal aspects of healthcare related businesses here in San Diego and throughout the region.  We represent physicians and other healthcare professionals during negotiations, and review employment contracts to leverage their unique skills and expertise while protecting their interests and exposure to risk.

If you are a physicians group, or a doctor who is in the process of drafting or negotiating a physician employment agreement we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary consultation today.

We understand that if you are starting a new practice, negotiating new employment or involved in a dispute or lawsuit you require the services of experienced and proven medical business attorneys.