Experienced San Diego Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial real estate is defined as any type of land or structure in California which is used for business purposes, primarily the sale of goods and/or services to the public. The laws governing real estate in San Diego apply differently when dealing with commercial as opposed to residential or industrial real estate. The experienced real estate lawyers at the Watkins Firm are highly qualified in all areas of commercial real estate law.

Commercial Leasing

Most small business owners in San Diego do not have the money to buy real estate with cash on hand and instead are required to lease a business location. Commercial property leasing can be challenging. A commercial property lease may contain stipulations that are confusing and favorable primarily to the landlord. Before you sign a commercial lease, it is important to spend time reading and understanding every provision. If you do not understand a term in the lease, ask for clarification from a lawyer. Relying on the landlord or listing agent to explain their lease could potentially lead to future misinterpretations.

Commercial Evictions

Commercial property owners in San Diego could find themselves in confrontation situations with their tenants. The commercial property owner is left with no option but to initiate legal eviction proceedings. The eviction procedures in California are considered summary proceedings designed to resolve issues of possession quickly and efficiently. The experienced real estate lawyers at the Watkins Firm understand that clients do not benefit from long, drawn out legal action or ineffective use of their lawyer’s time. The Watkins Firm strives to bring cases to resolution in a timely manner so that our clients receive maximum return on their investment.

When you hire a real estate lawyer in San Diego, it is important to know that there are options. The Watkins Firm has over 23 years of experience representing clients in all areas of commercial real estate law and would be happy to talk to you about your situation and any concerns. Please call the office for an obligation-free consultation at 858-535-1511 or you may email us at: info@watkinsfirm.com