San Diego ADA Compliance Attorneys

The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA was passed to ensure that public businesses are accessible to people with disabilities.  Recent statistics estimate that between 16% to just under 20% of Americans qualify as disabled under these laws.  There has been a substantial increase in the number of ADA compliance related lawsuits here in California and across the nation.  Virtually anyone can bring an action against a “public business”, so the attorneys at the Watkins Firm work with our clients to ensure that their facilities, policies and procedures are compliant with the most recent ADA standards for commercial properties and public businesses, including but not limited to:

  1. Architectural and Space Planning Barriers – this covers all aspects of a commercial property and facilities including parking lot provisions, aisles, turn-around radius, doorways and other paths of access, wheelchair lifts and elevators, restroom design, the layout of guest rooms, and access to amenities such as a pool or dining tables.
  2. Communications Challenges – ensures compliance with all communications and supporting services such as braille signage, closed captioning, and telecommunications relay services (TRS)
  3. Electronic Access – encompasses all aspects of communications, websites and social media properties, ATMs, ticketing and other dispensaries, reservation and booking systems, electronic building directories, information centers and kiosks.
  4. Policies and Procedures – covers the implementation of policies and procedures as well as training programs for staff and employees to ensure that all customers, including the disabled and the service animals who accompany them, have full access to the offerings, services, amenities and accommodations of a commercial facility.

Ensuring Compliance with ADA is not just the Law, it Enhances Business Opportunity

The Watkins Firm helps your company to develop and implement the policies and procedures and employee training necessary to ensure ADA compliance.  We work with leading California Certified Access Specialists and other professionals and experts to ensure that a commercial property or public business are in full compliance with ADA accessibility requirements.

These conversations, and the communications between the Watkins Firm and our clients are protected by the attorney-client privilege.  The attorney-client privilege is an absolute legal barrier, preventing external agencies such as the DOJ or litigants and their representatives from being able to compel access to these materials or the notes associated with private matters we discuss in person, on the phone, or through other electronic forms such as e-mail and even text messages.  All of the information related to the analysis of your property, policies and procedures is protected and remains secret.  The attorney-client privilege is not available through other consultants or experts, and without it your own information and the issues you discuss with other professionals may be exposed and used against you during hearings and legal proceedings.

Contact Experienced San Diego Attorneys Who Work With You to Ensure ADA Compliance

Have you reviewed your commercial property or public business to ensure compliance with all ADA regulations and laws?  Are you concerned about the recent significant increase in ADA related litigation and the exposure your business faces?  We invite you to contact the Watkins Firm, or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary and substantive consultation.

We will discuss the strategies and costs necessary to review your facilities, policies and procedures, training and all aspects of your business operations as it relates to compliance with ADA laws.  We will work with your staff and outside professionals such as California Certified Access Specialists to reduce or eliminate your exposure to time consuming and expensive ADA litigation.  Working together to ensure ADA compliance isn’t just the law, it is fundamentally sound good business.