People in a position of power over finances, such as a board member or a trustee, have a fiduciary duty to the company or estate they control. A fiduciary duty involves a duty to act in good faith and a duty of loyalty. When these duties are breached, estates and companies suffer.

At the Watkins firm, we represent shareholders and beneficiaries in breach of fiduciary duty actions. We also help board members, executives and trustees who are accused of breaching their duty. To discuss your claim or your defense, contact a San Diego breach of fiduciary duty lawyer at our firm.

Breaches of Fiduciary Duty in a Business

Nearly every shareholder action or corporate dispute involves a breach of fiduciary duty claim. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling these types of claims throughout San Diego County, including:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Co-mingling of corporate and personal assets
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

Board members and partners are expected to put the company’s interests ahead of their own. When they fail to do this, we can help you bring a direct action or a derivative suit to assert your rights.

Problems With a California Trustee? Breach of Trust Lawyers Can Help

If you suspect a problem with a California trustee, our breach of trust attorneys can help you. The trustee or representative who controls your loved one’s estate may have breached his or her fiduciary duty in a number of ways, including:

  • Self-dealing or co-mingling of estate funds
  • Fraud
  • Incompetence
  • Excessive fees
  • Improper or untimely distribution

Our attorneys can help you determine if you have a claim and make sure you understand your options. We will work to hold the trustee or representative accountable for his or her actions.

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Whether you have been accused of breaching your duty or you are protecting your financial interests, our attorneys can help you. To discuss your legal options, contact our corporate law firm.