Establish and Protect Your Trademark

Trademark registration and protection are important components of establishing your company’s brand.  Your trademark quickly separates your company and its products from all of the noise facing consumers and businesses in this information age.  Once your creative team has developed a unique tagline, phrase or identifier the attorneys at the Watkins Firm will take action to register your trademark, and protect it from infringement and actions that might reduce its impact or effectiveness.

Steps to Establishing a Trademark

Our intellectual property attorneys will explain the process to establish your trademark, and manage each step to completion.  The basic steps include:

  • Reviewing Existing Registry for Availability
  • File the Trademark Application
  • Respond to Challenges Prior to Approval

We will research existing trademark registries and other information and reports to evaluate the uniqueness, strength and likelihood of success with the registry of your proposed trademark.  We help you to understand the complex trademark process, the filing strategy, and the challenges you may face prior to approval and after acceptance of your trademark.

We carefully craft your trademark application to reduce questions by the US Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO and to ensure comprehensive protections for your proposed trademark.  Once accepted by the USPTO the proposed trademark will be published publicly for review and challenge.  Our attorneys will respond to questions or challenges that are raised during the review.  Once the trademark has been approved, we monitor our client’s filings to protect against infringement, ensure timely renewals, and draft cease and desist letters or oppositions in response to potential or actual infringement of your trademark.

Trademark Services

  • Trademark Search & Opinion— A comprehensive search of trademark databases, common law sources, and a legal opinion about the availability of the mark.
  • File U.S. Trademark Application
  • Response to USPTO Office Actions
  • International Madrid Protocol Search
  • Foreign Trademark Protocol Applications
  • Registration of trademarks with customs in the United States
  • File State Trademark Applications
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board oppositions and cancellations
  • Draft licensing and assignment agreements
  • Trademark Litigation

Trademark Portfolio Management

The management of your company’s intellectual property encompasses your trademark, service marks, and domain names, in addition to any trademark rights acquired through licenses or assignments.  We also maintain any co-branding agreements and additional commercial transaction agreements in your portfolio.

Services Include (but not limited to):

  • Monitor all new trademark filings with the USPTO to ensure no one else attempts to register the same or similar mark
  • Monitor client’s trademark for any infringing commercial use made by a third party
  • Monitor client’s use of their trademark to ensure their compliance with all trademark laws
  • Deliver a report (quarterly, semiannual, or annual) detailing any potential infringement and notify of any action needed on the client’s trademark
  • Draft cease and desist letters or oppositions in response to infringements or potential infringements

Contact our San Diego Trademark Lawyers

If you are interested in protecting your company’s intellectual property an information concerning the establishment or protection of a trademark, we invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation at 858-535-1511.  The creativity and uniqueness of your corporate team is a core component of your business and a key to long-term success.  The trademark attorneys at the Watkins Firm will help you to protect your intellectual property here in the US and abroad.