San Diego Unfair Competition and Deceptive Advertising Attorneys

Unfair deceptive untrue and misleading advertising practices here in California are covered under our “Unfair Competition” laws.  The California Unfair Competition law covers deceptive, untrue and misleading advertising as well as unfair business practices such as business fraud and misrepresentation.

California provides strong protection for San Diego and Southern California businesses against unfair, deceptive, untrue and misleading advertising by competitors.  Watkins Firm attorneys have decades of experience in Unfair Competition and deceptive advertising cases.  We will not only work to put an immediate stop the practices of your competitor, we will seek monetary and potential punitive damages.

Examples of Unfair Deceptive Untrue and Misleading Advertising in San Diego

San Diego Unfair Deceptive Untrue and Misleading AdvertisingSome examples of false unfair deceptive untrue and misleading advertising are a bit obvious.  Bait-and-switch is one of the most common examples of deceptive advertising.  In a bait-and-switch example, the advertiser offers a spectacular offer on a primary brand or product, but when the customer arrives (online or in person) to make a purchase the item is “out of stock” and the advertiser attempts to switch you to another product.

By law, advertising may not contain misrepresentations, false statements, manipulative terms or misleading descriptions.  Examples of misleading advertising might include:

  • Attempting to Sell Counterfeit Products in Place of the Actual Item
  • Fraudulent Claims about a Product’s Ingredients
  • False Claims about a Product and its Uses
  • False or Misleading “Compare At” Prices on a Discounted Sale or Clearance Item

How Can The Watkins Firm Help Your Business Against False and Deceptive Advertising?

Unfair deceptive untrue and misleading advertisingThe experienced deceptive advertising and unfair competition attorneys at the Watkins Firm will take action to protect your business interests.  While it may not be possible to seek “punitive” damages, we will seek compensation for the financial damages your company has borne due to your competitor’s actions.

We will seek an immediate “injunction” to put a stop to the false advertising and prevent your competitor from using it in the future.  In many cases it may be possible to ensure your competitor runs corrective advertising to reverse the impact of the previous false or deceptive claims.

Put a Stop to Unfair Deceptive Untrue and Misleading Advertising by a San Diego Competitor

The Watkins Firm can help you to put a stop to the unfair deceptive untrue or misleading advertising of competitor and seek just compensation for the damages you have incurred.  We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact us or call 858-535-1511 to speak with an attorney personally for a free consultation.

If you are concerned about the marketing and advertising practices of a competitor in San Diego or Southern California we can help to answer your questions and put a stop to it.